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Welcome to Simple Minimalist Living. If you are looking at this site for the first time then welcome!

Like all good stories, this one has a happy ending……….

Simple Minimalist Living is written by Ruth Taylor a forty-something blogger and teacher who endeavours to life a simple and clutter-free life. Her journey began five years ago when she realised that all the junk in her life was a stress all by itself.   She owned lots of cheap, ill-fitting clothes and shoes that she didn’t suit and mountains of sealed containers and boxes filled with stuff were stacked neatly under the stairs.  Added to that, she owned an awesome collection of kitchen knick-knacks that promised to turn her into a chef (they never did) and her guilty secret: a ten-year-old triple-figure priced (closer to the thousand than the ninety-nine) dress that she had never worn because it looked awful on her.  Her belongings were jammed into cupboards, shelves, or on display, doing a spectacular job of gathering dust and cluttering up the room.

Then she discovered Minimalism.

And she decluttered, de-owned and dispensed.

Today, she has a few quality clothes, no junk, her bills get paid on time and there is space in her cupboards.   She grows a few vegetables and flowers in her tiny garden and she lives a simple life with plenty of time to stop for a cup of tea.   She feels peaceful instead of stressed and has more time to pursue the things that add value to her life (like this blog).

She began by donating, selling or throwing out a lot of things in her home, keeping only the belongings that she actually used.  Just by doing this she discovered her house was big enough after all and she started to feel a lot better.  Even her kids stopped rolling their eyes and jumped on the train to Minimalism.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Simple Minimalist Living does not expect you to become a minimalist overnight or to throw away everything you have ever owned. Instead, I hope it inspires you to discover the many benefits of living a fulfilling, purposeful life with a lot less stuff messing it up.

Ruth Taylor. Writer. Simple Minimalist Living.

 August 11th, 2015  
 Ruth Taylor